About Us

Dry firewood is what we do best! Our wood is sourced up to two years in advance, ensuring it has the required length of time to dry to become premium firewood.  As a small family business, we do everything ourselves from sourcing, cutting, splitting, drying and delivering. Our dry firewood is stored in sheds and we try to arrange deliveries on a fine day where possible, so you can stack and store without getting wet.  However, if you leave a cover out, we will cover for you. The main species we supply are plantation pine and gum, although at times we may have other varieties depending on availability. Firewood is cut and split to suit most woodburners.  Should you require a “special” size, you will need to order seasoned wood earlier  -around October - so you can dry this yourself. We are an old school business and welcome phone calls to our landline as we don’t get mobile coverage at  our office  – 04 5266671. Feel free to call us and chat about your firewood requirements and pricing at any time.  If we are out working, we will return your call during the evening. We have been in the firewood business for over 25 years, and supply to Upper Hutt and Stokes Valley only, which includes free delivery.  

For those who like to source their own wood, we have a mobile vertical woodsplitter with a lifting table for hire at reasonable rates.